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W.I.J.A. believes that a key factor in helping you reach your goals and your dreams is the improvement of your critical thinking skills.   The A.S.K. process is designed for you to truly use all elements of critical thinking.

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The Eisenhower Model

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You have 10 seconds to find the hidden letter, number or symbol.  Once you move from the first slide a new challenge will come up every 10 seconds

A few Elements of Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Skills

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W.I.?J.A. Critical Skills Thinking Challenge

The Big6 is a six-stage model to help anyone solve problems or make decisions by using information. Some call it information literacy, inquiry, research skills, or an information problem-solving process…but we call it the Big6! Click on the pic above for more information

Reasoning - The action of thinking about something in a logical, sensible way

Evaluating -  A systematic determination of a subject's merit, worth and significance, using criteria governed by a set of standards

Problem Solving - The process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues

Decision Making -  The cognitive process resulting in the selection of a belief or a course of action among several alternative possibilities

Analyzing - It is to examine methodically and in detail the constitution or structure of (something, especially information), typically for purposes of explanation and interpretation

Critical Thinking Skills