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What are the ACT and SAT Test? Both the ACT (American College Test) and SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) are nationally recognized standardized tests and common admission requirements for US schools. Catering primarily to high school juniors and seniors, each test measures students' proficiency in various critical skill areas—such as problem solving and reading comprehension—that are necessary for college success.

College Preparation Links - Use these helpful links to help you complete your College Checklist Worksheet - WJA.xlsx. as you embark on a new journey. Click on the Links below for more information.

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What does College Preparation (Prep) mean?   In high school college preparation usually involves taking college-level coursework. However, some programs for students that define it a little differently. Some consider the college search process college prep. But many college prep programs are designed to help students navigate not only the search process but also applying to and then attending college

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ACT & SAT Testing Dates 2023 and 2024