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Entrepreneurship Lessons

Small business and entrepreneurs are the glue that makes the US Economy go.  Thinking of starting your own successful business.  Check out the sites below to help you in your endeavor.  If you are unsure use the ASK Worksheet.xlsx  to get started.

Business Happens

A Practical Guide to Entrepreneurial Finance for Small Businesses & Professional Practices

11,657 students enrolled

In all you do you must have integrity that is unquestionable.

Welcome to the W.I?J.A. Community

Youth Career and Personal Development Site

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entrepreneurship lessons

Entrepreneurship - Idea to Launch with Entreprenvy

ENTREPRENVY is an Entrepreneurship course covering idea generation, to market analysis, to business models and plans.
8,659 students enrolled

Entrepreneurship Lessons to Challenge Your Understanding

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You must find a way to make others desire what you are offering.

Protecting Your Ideas is a Must!!!


10 Book Reads for Young Entrepreneurs

Financial Understanding is a Must!!!

Key Websites for Young Entrepreneurs

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