What If I want to be an Entrepreneur? Just A.S.K.  What If I Want to be an Entrepreneur? Just A.S.K.  page gives information to those who desire to understand entrepreneurship the opportunity to envision themselves as one by look at other entrepreneurs and what it took for them to reach their pinnacle.  Other pages connected are W.I.?J.A. Entrepreneurship Lessons  W.I.?J.A. Entrepreneurship Lessons  where you will find key lessons on entrepreneurship to help you in your drive and desire to be an entrepreneur also W.I.?J.A. Entrepreneurship Videos and storiesW.I.?J.A. Entrepreneurship Videos and Stories  from and about some of the brightest young minds in the world and their quest to become an entrepreneur.

W.I.?J.A. Tips and Aids  W.I.?J.A. Tips and Aids  page give you some short tips and aids (Youth Career Development Presentations ) to help you ensure your success and reach your dreams and goals.  The presentations are downloadable and that allows you to keep them for yourself.​​ Also under this tab is information on our new motivation and education YouTube channel called W.I.?J.A.-vated Motivational Youtube Channel and for your motivation the W.I.?J.A - Motivational Tips

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We encourage you to take advantage of the services of your professors, teachers counselors, career coaches, college advisor or any other professionals or non-professionals who have the ability to give you good solid advice and information to help you in your pursuit of achieving your goals.  No one owns or understands you dreams and goals  better than you!!!

WIJA Books, Pamphlets and Magazines What if? Just A.S.K. Books, Pamphlets, Magazines list the books, pamphlets and magazines that support the websties.

What if Just A.S.K. What If? Just A.S.K.  page contains information regarding the  Just A.S.K. program, tools and websites (Ex: Kahn Academy, Hippocampus, Math Planet, High School Ace, March2Success, Library of Congress,  etc.) to help you in your studies.  There is also information regarding STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), ACT and the SAT testing and pre-testing preparation.  Pages connected to this page include  What If? I Could Build My Personal Brandpage that gives tips and information on building your personal brand;  What IF I Could Stop Bullying  which gives information on bullying and bullying prevention  Pamphlets and Books   which is designed to give you some reading resources to help you in your journey.

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W.I.?J.A. Tool Kit App W.I.?J.A. Tool Kit App  page contain information on the app that is available at both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.  The app is designed to help our youth utilize their critical thinking skills as they look to embark on their goal and dreams.

Community Hub Community Hub  page contains information community activities, how to get involved in community activities and taking assessment to see what community activities that you would be suited for.  Links to United Way, Goodwill, Boys & Girls Club of America, National Humane Society, American Red Cross, Volunteer Match.org, etc.

 W.I.J.A.-NNECT Career Center WIJA-NNECT Career Center  page connects you with various career opportunities, ranging from Colleges, Internships, Jobs, Military, Trades and Community work.  It is a one stop shopping for your carrier choices.  Each state has a college page that connects you with private and public 4 year universities in the state, information on the state and its tourism, how to select a major, common application if needed in that state, links to each college or universities majors and enrollment/academic requirements,  The WI.J.A-NNECT Career Center also has the following pages attached Internship and Co-Ops  Internships and Co-Ops  which connects you with some key internship staffing websites also over 130 and growing direct links to Companies and their internship programs.  Unfortunately companies cannot visit every campus which mean there are opportunities out there that you may not know about.  Also the W.I.J.A. Job Board W.I.?J.A. JOB BOARDS  which gives you direct connection twenty-one (21) different job boards that are out there.  Here you will have them all at your finger tip.  Also tips to help you land the job as well information on wages by state from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

EEP EEP which stands for Exploring, Engaging, and Pursuing your dreams page is designed to give you tools and techniques to help you pursue your dreams.  EEP Tools and Techniques for Success  tab gives you practical tools and information to help you hone in on your dreams and goals.  We believe that understanding and believing in your dreams at an early age is essential.  We focus on that in our EPP - Looking To Fulfill Young Dreams No one owns your dreams but you.  Also included is the What Do You Think? that is designed to give our youth a voice in some key areas of interest.

Career Hub Career Hub  page contains various information on careers as well as self improvement and career tools, assessments and links to career sites, job boards and career videos.  Other pages connected include Scholarships for you Scholarships For You  which is designed to give you information to help you find scholarships and financial aid; Critical Thinking Skills Critical Thinking Skills  which is designed to help you understand and improve your critical thinking skills; Career and Self-Improvement Tools Career and Self Improvement Tools  gives you tools that can help you focus on your career, improving your influence or changing those things that you would like to see changed, Take A Personality Assessment  Take a Personality Assessment  gives you links and information to help you better understand who you are; and Career Videos Career Videoson careers and skills and abilities needed in certain careers.